We’re Here To Answer Your Questions About Female Sterilisation Reversal

We're Here To Answer Your Questions About Female Sterilisation ReversalMany of the women we talk to on a daily basis are very nervous about the thought of female sterilisation reversal. Even so, they want to have another baby, so they come to us for help. Have you found yourself having thoughts about the possibility of having another baby, but you’ve had female sterilisation surgery? It’s easy to think that all hope is lost, and you’ll have to feel satisfied with the amount of children you have.

We’re thankful that female sterilisation reversal exists. Without it, many women would go through their lives feeling incomplete. For women, not being able to have a baby, even after you’ve chosen female sterilisation, can be a very depressing thought.

We understand that you probably have many questions about the surgery itself, as well as about the recovery period that follows the surgery. When so many unanswered questions are in your mind, it can add to the fear you feel about having another surgical procedure. We’d like to invite you to give us a call and talk to us about your concerns. Our caring staff enjoys talking to prospective clients. Trust us, there isn’t a question you could ask us that we haven’t heard before, and every question that you have deserves a good, honest answer.

Our surgeon, Mr Clive Pickles, is one of the most delightful people you’ll ever meet. He has successfully performed many female sterilisation reversal surgeries himself. Most of those surgeries have resulted in beautiful, happy babies. Not to mention, happy mums and dads as well.

If you’ve even been considering the possibility of having surgery to reverse your female sterilisation, we’d love to talk to you. You’ll find that we have the answers to your many questions, which will allow you to move forward with a decision that’s right for you and for your family. For more information, contact us today.

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  1. Hi i was just wanting to no how long the waiting list is on the nhs i live in east belfast ive been on the waiting list from jan thanks .

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Mr Pickles is based in Nottingham and performs reversals in the private sector. I’m not sure that he is able to help you with a waiting time for East Belfast. If you want further help, please contact Mr Pickles’ secretary via the Contact page.

      Thank you!

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