Reversal of Female Sterilization Here's To Your SuccessWe understand how you feel.

You long for the day when you miss a period and the thought pops into your mind that you might actually be pregnant. Finally! Could it really be true? With shaking fingers you perform a home pregnancy test. You hold your breath while you wait to read the results, knowing you should go and do something else…but you just have to watch that little stick to see what happens.

Then…you see it. A positive result!

Seeing a positive pregnancy test might seem like an event that won’t happen for you for a long time, but at The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we want to assure you, it doesn’t have to be that far away in the future. Each day we hear from women who have had reversal of female sterilization with Mr Dobson and they are so thrilled about how quickly they have been able to conceive. We rejoice with each and every one of them. We’d love the opportunity to rejoice with you as well, and share in your success story.

If the thought of having female sterilization reversal makes you feel a little nervous, we’d invite you to ring our clinic and talk to one of our caring staff members about your situation. We’d love to be able to answer your questions and help reassure you about the procedure so that you can see your dream of having another baby come true for you and your partner.

Mr Dobson has a very high success rate, and he’s dedicated to helping his patients be successful at adding to their families. For more information about reversal of female sterilization and how we can help you achieve pregnancy, contact us today.