Welcome to our Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic.


The Female Sterilisation Clinic is based at the BMI Park Hospital, Nottingham and is run by Mr Clive Pickles. It serves women all over the UK seeking a reversal of their sterilisation.

Many of you finding this website, will be unaware that it may be possible to have your sterilisation reversed. Every year about 5% or women who have had what they thought would be a permanent sterilisation, seek a female sterilisation reversal operation.

Reversal of female sterilisation is a procedure which requires great skill and proficiency to have a successful outcome. Through the information on this website, you will find that Mr Pickles is a surgeon for female sterilisation reversal with a high success rate. He has performed the procedure for many years, his experience and skill give you a very good chance of getting pregnant though your personal success will depend upon your personal circumstances.

This website will guide you through what makes this specialist procedure a success, what Mr Pickles’s success rates are, and what you can expect from Mr Pickles.

Mr Pickles is highly skilled at the female sterilisation reversal operation having been performing these for many years. He is aware that there are many reasons that you may be wanting to have another baby and he will not judge you, or have opinions as to why you wish to have the procedure performed.

If you have any immediate questions about female sterilisation reversal operations, please contact us or ring 0115 906 3079.