Are You Considering A Female Sterilisation Reversal?

Sometimes in life, for one reason or another, women decide to undergo sterilisation. Perhaps it’s because the procedure is more convenient than remembering to use birth control pills and condoms. Maybe children aren’t part of the equation in the relationship you’re in at the time, and there’s just no reason to keep that option open. Maybe it’s for health reasons. Or in the worst case scenario, perhaps, feeling trapped in an abusive relationship, you ensure that children will never be brought into that environment.

Whatever the reason, the decision to undergo female sterilisation is ultimately one of the most personal decisions an individual will ever make. And it’s not a particularly uncommon decision, either; it’s been estimated that over one million sterilisations are performed every year on men and women combined.

And while many women never regret the decision, it only makes sense that with so many procedures being performed on so many people, some women begin to wonder, once their situations have changed, if they made the right decision, and if anything can be done to change it.

The answer is that yes, indeed: something can be done!

While female sterilisation reversal can be a frightening concept at first, the good news for women who have had their “tubes tied” in the past is that the procedure to reverse this is not nearly as difficult or scary as it may seem to be. Best of all, thanks to the state of medical technology today, almost no patients experience side effects after the procedure!

But naturally, there are so many other questions that need to be asked and answered, from how long the procedure will take, to the cost of the procedure, to the chances that the procedure will go well for every individual.

The staff at the Female Sterilisation Reversal clinic in the UK wants you to know that we know exactly how you feel. We believe that no woman should ever feel that she’s alone when she begins to doubt her original choice. We aim to comfort and work with sterilized women by informing them of their options for having children. We then strive to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible if they choose to have the operation and to reverse their original sterilisation.

Working with us is Dr. Clive Pickles, who has one of the highest success rates of female sterilisation reversal surgeons. 88% of his patients have tubal patency, meaning that their fallopian tubes have been restored and can allow eggs to pass through for fertilization. We’re also pleased to report that 76% of Dr. Pickles’s patients have had a baby born at full-term after the procedure.

Please contact us immediately with questions or to schedule a consultation to learn more about your options and what we can to help you make your dreams of raising a family a reality.

2 Comments on “Are You Considering A Female Sterilisation Reversal?”

  1. I was sterulized 7 yrs ago but really want another baby …. I would like it a surprise for my husband .. How do I do the procedure without being admitted to hospital what is the procedure and I am in Singapore and recommendations on where it can be done
    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      You would need to be admitted if Mr Pickles performed your reversal. He only works in the UK, in Nottingham. Please let me know if I can provide any more information.

      Thank you.

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