Our Success Rates

Following an audit of our data, 75% of women under 41 years old achieved a pregnancy following their reversal with us, the Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic. Don’t believe us? Just checkout & join our Facebook group to see our regular pregnancy announcements and baby photos! (It is anticipated that these figures will be updated again in late 2024.)

% of women achieving a pregnancy following Reversal Surgery


Tubal Patency

The second factor by which success is determined after a female sterilisation reversal is by tubal Patency. This means the number of patients with open fallopian tubes after surgery, that are able to allow an egg to pass along to enable fertilisation.

Following reversal, of those women who have either become pregnant or had tubal testing following their surgery (such as there HyCoSy test) we have demonstrated that 84% of our patients have open tubes following surgery!


% of women with open tubes following Reversal Surgery

How do we compare?

In the USA, another busy reversal clinic advertises the following figures on their website:

  • 65% of women aged 39 and under become pregnant (our rate is 75%).
  • No figures given for tubal patency rates.
  • Wound infections: 5% (our rate is 3%)
  • Ectopic pregnancy rate: 5% (our rate is 6%)
  • Blood clots 1% (our rate is currently 0%)
  • Serious bleeding – less than 1% (our rate is currently 0%)


Mr Dobson’s female reversal of sterilisation success rates, measured in terms of pregnancy and fallopian tube patency rates, compared to a female sterilization reversal practice in the USA indicate that he has an exceptional success rate with a high percentage of women becoming pregnant after surgery and a very low risk of complications.