PTLS Treatment Results: Patient Testimonials


92% of patients undergoing reversal surgery for PTLS experienced improvement in PTLS symptoms post-op!

Lots of patients come to see Mr Dobson for a reversal of their sterilisation for their symptoms of PTLS – Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. Here are a few testimonials received from patients struggling with PTLS symptoms prior to reversal surgery:

‘I just wanted to email and say thank you to you all all the team for looking after me so well I’m 2 weeks on the other-side and I’ve already felt the benefits of being reversed all the symptoms I had from being sterilised have already subsided, I used to think I was loosing the plot a little because I couldn’t quite explain or put my finger on what was wrong now I feel like me again and I can’t thank you and mr Dobson enough, the care I was given before, during and after has been amazing I will highly recommend you all for any surgery for how well I was looked after, will keep you updated for when I do fall pregnant in the future thank you again’
Mrs M, FSR patient 2023

“My mid cycle pain has gone and so has my tiredness!”

Miss G, FSR couple 2023

“My PTLS has completely resolved. I am very happy with the scar, my mood better and pain completely gone. I feel back to better than normal.”

Mrs K, FSR couple 2023

‘I’m still doing fab all my issues have gone since surgery. So grateful .. for giving me my life back we all call him God in the PTLS support groups! Since reversal
Life is nice now not having all these other problems. Within days from the op I noticed things turning out for the better as time has went on Its all going great!

Thanks so much.’

Miss T, FSR patient 2023

“My PTLS symptoms (Mood/ PMS/ Sweats/ Painful periods/ Sense of loss) were 100% better within 4 weeks of my surgery and I feel so much better!”

Miss G , FSR 2024

My periods are back to normal. I have more energy and no regrets. More in control of body!”

Ms A, FSR patient 2022

‘Heavy periods have now stopped immediately – much better – able to leave the house. Waiting to see if hair loss has stopped. But my weight is dropping and I don’t have any hot sweats!’

Mrs B, FSR patient 2022

“I had my reversal due to ptls. I was in hospital so many times due to the agony I was in and all the tests came back negative. My ptls got to the point where I couldn’t walk,  as I lost movement in my legs. I had my reversal 2018. 2 weeks later when I had my first period all the ptls symptoms were cleared 😁😁.”

Mr & Mrs J, FSR 2018

“PTLS symptoms all gone – brain fog/ dry skin/ achey joints all gone. Libido better. PMDD gone!”

Mrs E, FSR patient 2023

“Significant improvement in PTLS type symptoms, they have all gone! My Mood is better, the vaginal sensation of lump has gone, I feel a different person. More energy, less angry/ less PMS & Periods not as heavy

Thank you!”

Mr and Mrs H, FSR couple 2023

PTLS symptoms before surgery suffered by one patient:
“Severe anxiety attacks
Eyes yellowing
Hot flashes
Constant headaches and migraine
Unbearable cramps
Chest pains and palpitations
Suicidal thoughts
No libido
Nails breaking
Hair loss
Memory issues
No concentration

I know I’ve missed stuff but these were the main issues, that have all gone following my reversal!”