The Costs of Female Sterilisation Reversals

The costs of female sterilisation reversals at the BMI Park Hospital, Nottingham is an inclusive price. Mr Dobson only operates from the Circle Park Hopsital in Nottingham. This is a fully operational private hospital with an ITU, Radiology and Pathology department and it has 5 operating theatres. Every year many people attend the Circle Park Hospital for many different types of treatment and the reputation of the BMI Park is highly acclaimed. A recent survey of patients indicated that 100% of them woud recommend the BMI Park Hospital to friends or relatives.   The cost of reversal of sterilisation at the BMI Park Hospital, Nottingham is an inclusive price for the following:-

  • Pre Operative Consultation
  • In-patient care at the BMI Park Hospital
  • Anaesthetist’s fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • One follow-up phone call 2-3 months after surgery
  • Any unforeseen treatment due to complications

Total Cost : £4,181.00 (June 2022)

Note: The cost of the consultation is £200 payable on arrival by cash or cheque. If you proceed to have a female sterilisation reversal, the balance of £3,981 will be due and this can be paid by credit card, payment plan, cash or cheque at least 7 days in advance.

costs of female sterilisation reversals

The Chrysalis Finance Payment Plan – 12 Months Interest Free Credit

The Chrysalis Finance Payment Plan offers a 12 month 0% finance scheme to help you fund your surgery. If after the 12 months, you still need time to pay off the outstanding balance, an APR rate of 9.9% is applied until the balance is cleared. Many patients use this as a method to help spread the cost of the surgery. Credit checks are required but the card does not have to be in your name. You could take the card out in the name of a relative, if they have a better credit history.

We used to offer the BMI Payment Plan Card but this has been phased out. Chrysalis Finance is easier to obtain and has similar terms.

To save time, you can find out more about the finance here and download the form too.

As the cost of a female sterilisation reversal is less than £7000, once you apply using the application form available from us, you should know whether you have been successful in your application within 48 hours. Click here to ask us for a form.

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