A selection of short videos covering everything from ovulation testing to what the Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic can offer you.

Meet Sam Dobson and the
female reversal clinic

Mr Dobson introduces the UKs largest Female Sterilisation Clinic and briefly discusses what it has to offer you.

Post Tubal Ligation

Want to know more about PTLS? Or do you think you may be affected by it? This short video will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

tubal testing with the
hyCoSy test

Following your surgery how do you know the tubes have healed open? Even though 84% of our patients have open tubes following surgery, a tubal test & flush will not only put your mind at rest but is proven to actually increase the chance of pregnancy.

are you ovulating?
a simple test

Many people try for months or years to conceive who aren’t actually ovulating. Home tests can be inaccurate and make you think you are ovulating when you aren’t. This video will discuss which test you should be doing.

essure removal, fallopian
tube re-implantation

This video demonstrates the surgery and post op follow up & tubal testing, confirming that the re-implanted tubes have healed open and will allow the sperm and eggs to meet for natural pregnancy.

baby alert

What a wonderful video sent in to us by one of our pregnant reversal patients (shared with permission).

On the Day of Surgery

Short video taking you through what to expect on the day of your surgery.

It All Starts With a consultation!

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