Hey we had reversal Aug 2016 after being sterilised in 2001, 3 years after reversal we found out I was pregnant Sep 2019 , we have now had a gorgeous baby boy on 23rd April weighing 7lb and me at the age of 44 , he spent 6 days on scbu but he is a absolute dream, thankyou so much to Mr pickles and Mandy for always being on the end of the phone x

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**May 2021: Operating has now restarted. Please contact us for more information.

Mr Pickles has been performed female reversals of sterilization for 25 years, helping women from all over the UK.

  • He has high success rates
  • He offers telephone consultations
  • He provides aftercare as part of his package of care
  • He has hundreds of testimonials supporting his results.
  • We have finance to help you, 0% over 12 months.
female sterilization reversal
One of the babies born after a reversal of sterilization with Mr Pickles

Mr Pickles’ Experience

  • He has reversed sterilizations from Filshie Clips and Essure
  • He has reversed sterilizations in women of all ages
  • He has reversed sterilizations in women who have had previous c- sections
  • He has helped women who have Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

He could assist you too. Contact us today here.

Good morning. Just to let you know our second reversal baby was born on Friday by emergency c section 4 weeks early. She is perfect and we are home now. Thanks to Mr Pickles and his team once again

How We Can Help

Mr Pickles audits his own results so this means that his results are unique to him. To see what your chances of success are, please click here.

Women from all over the UK come to us for a reversal of their sterilization, therefore we can arrange a telephone consultation with you.

We offer 0% finance over 12 months to help you budge the cost. It can take minutes to apply for this.

Ultimately, you will need to contact us to start the process, this can be done via our contact page.


We are not currently operating. This is due to the NHS moving into the private sector to assist with cancer cases. We have a waiting list and it is entirely at the discretion of Mr Pickles as to who proceeds to surgery and when.