IVF after sterilisationIs IVF after Sterilisation the Answer?

Many women think that IVF after sterilisation is the only option to have a baby. Since the first test-tube baby in 1978, IVF has become a main stream fertility treatment available on the NHS to a few and privately to many. However, IVF does carry risks and complications from reactions to the fertility drugs, ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome and risks of egg collection for example together with increased emotional strain, psychological stress and depression.

Many women seeking to have a baby after sterilization are not aware that there is an alternative to IVF as they are not aware that it is possible to surgically reverse a female sterilization in the great majority of cases. Knowing that ivf after sterilisation is not the only option may increase their chances of having another baby.

Success Rates of IVF

The success rate of IVF depends on the age of the woman undergoing treatment as well as the cause of the infertility (if it’s known). Younger women are more likely to have healthier eggs, which increases the chances of success.

In 2008, the percentage IVF treatments that resulted in a birth (the success rate) was:

  • 33.1% for women under 35
  • 27.2% for women aged 35-37
  • 19.3% for women aged 38-39
  • 12.5% for women aged 40-42
  • 4.9% for women aged 43-44
  • 2.5% for women aged over 44

Is there is Cost Benefit for Female Sterilisation Reversal Compared to IVF after Sterilisation?

Price of IVF after Sterilisation Treatment

On average, one cycle of IVF costs from about £7000. However, this price varies from clinic to clinic and there may be additional costs for medicines, consultations and tests.

It is possible to have IVF in some areas of the UK via the NHS but there are strict guidelines for suitability and long waiting lists. It is not sure whether a sterilization procedure would be an acceptable clinical condition to allow for funded IVF treatment.

Price of Female Sterilization Reversal

The success rate per procedure is significantly higher than IVF with babies resulting in the majority of cases. In Mr Dobson’s Female Sterilization Reversal Clinic, 76% of women go onto have a baby after their reversal of sterilisation. The price for a female sterilization reversal with Mr Dobson is £4,181. Thos women who have opted for female sterilisation reversal realise that ivf after sterilisation is not the only answer.