If like many women you are experiencing problems after having an Essure Sterilisation procedure, then you will be happy to hear that Essure Sterilisation removal or reversal is an option.

Essure Removal: Reasons For Reversal

The majority of patients do not have any untoward symptoms with Essure but some side effect symptoms have been reported: weight gain, dizziness, severe bloating, migraine, joint pain, pregnancy like symptoms and much more.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we would advise you to get checked out by your Doctor in the first instance to rule out any other causes.

Your GP may tell you that the only successful way to alleviate these symptoms is with a hysterectomy as Essure coils cannot be removed. This is not the case. Studies in one American clinic have shown that from January 2008 to january 2014, 125 surgeries were carried out to correct Essure Sterilisation. Of these 125 patients who came for Essure removal, 89 requested Essure removal to allow them to become pregnant and 36 requested Essure removal because of side effects.

Pregnancy wanted or not?

If you do not wish to become pregnant again then Essure removal and tubal occlusion is recommended. This is performed under general anaesthetic where an incision is made into each fallopian tube and the coils removed intact. The incision is then closed (occluded). To decrease the chances of pregnancy, each end of the tube are left apart.

If however, you want your fallopian tubes returned to “normal” then Essure removal only is recommended. Please be aware though that with this procedure you may be at a higher risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

If your reasons for an Essure sterilisation reversal is to get pregnant then a reversal with a tubouterine implantation is recommended. This will lower the risk of ectopic pregnancy. However, it is advised that a caesarian is scheduled with any pregnancies to ensure a safe delivery.

How is Essure removal performed?

Mr Dobson performs all essure removals laparoscopically, under a general anaesthetic and these are generally performed as a day case. You can expect to take around a week to recover.

Further details about any of the information on this page can be discussed with Mr Samuel Dobson at the time of your consultation.

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