Regrets About Tubal Ligation – Consider Sterilisation Reversal

Many women chose sterilisation because they believed at the time that they did not desire to become pregnant in the future.Women who had already borne children, may have felt that their families were complete or a situation may have existed that would cause the prospect of pregnancy to be a difficult and stressful one.

But life and circumstances change, and so a woman who once did not wish to become pregnant again, may now want to have a child. Women in these situations may worry that they’ve made an irreversible decision, but with sterilisation reversal surgery, that may not be the case.

A second marriage to a childless partner who desires to have children is one reason women often give for seeking sterilisation reversal. It could be that both partners have one or more children of the same sex, and desire to try for a child of the opposite gender.

Pressure from a marital partner or from family and friends may have influenced a sterilisation decision, in which case the woman may be distraught to find that she has chosen such a permanent method.  In other cases, it may be that traditional and non-surgical methods of contraception were ineffective, or caused other medical problems and sterilisation seemed the only solution.

If you have found yourself regretting your decision to have tubal ligation, you are not alone. Women who chose this method because of life stresses or difficulties in their marital relationships were found to be more than three times as likely to regret this decision. Also, younger women who chose tubal ligation were more likely to regret that decision than older women, regardless of whether or not they had children. In all, as many of 27% of women who undergo this procedure, later regret it.

Contact us if you would like to discuss sterilisation reversal, we are happy to talk with you and explain your options.  Not every case of tubal ligation is reversible, but many women who have undergone sterilisation reversal have gone on to realise their dream of having a baby.

5 Comments on “Regrets About Tubal Ligation – Consider Sterilisation Reversal”

  1. I want to have a reversal DONE can I set up a BMI payment plan and how soon can I have this reversed

    1. HI Debbie,

      The best thing to do is to contact Mr Pickles’s secretary via the Contact page and she will let you know how soon and tell you more about the BMI Card.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi I got sterilised 2 years agoat the age of 26 I was going through alot of personal problems at the time I went to the doctors and they done a referral straight away. No counselling, no talking me out of it. Within a couple of weeks if the referral I was having the op done im now in a better place and am regretting having my tubes tied and wish I had thought about it properly. Is it possible to have a reversal done on the nhs if I went to my doctor to speak about it.

    1. Hi Keighley,

      I’m sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I’m not sure that it is possible to have this procedure performed on the NHS. By all means ask your doctor and then you can contact us via this site if you need further assistance.

      Kind regards,

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