It is very understandable that having had a sterilization, and then changing your mind for whatever reason, there is a degree of trepidation about what to do next. A reversal of sterilisation is certainly an option that for many women in this position.

In the UK there is increasing demand, year on year, for this specialist procedure which involves the careful sewing together of cut ends of each fallopian tube to enable to passage of an egg from the ovary to the uterus for fertilisation. Tiny, delicate stitches are used to create a neat join and this requires specialist experience to do the procedure to a high standard. For some surgeons, the reversal of sterilization care stops here. For others, such as Mr Dobson, there is a continued program of care to ensure that the highest chance of succes is obtained.

The positive aspects of the female reversal of sterilization are that you although you are having surgery, your hormone levels are unaffected. Although the procedure does involve abdominal surgery, the recovery is quick and very soon you will be back to normal. Many women do not want to pursue IVF for the stress it can cause on the health.