Female Sterilisation Reversal is a Natural Option

Many women have had female sterilisation procedures in the past because of a number of factors. Whilst this is a private and personal decision, at times you may wish you hadn’t done it or have simply changed your mind. There’s nothing wrong with thinking you may have made a mistake or simply had something happen in your life that caused you to think differently. You’re not alone and there are options.

Changing your chances of having a baby through female sterilisation reversal is a natural option. Although many years ago it may not have been quite as possible, technology has changed and Mr. Clive Pickles has a success rate that is astounding. The success rate is twofold; patency and rate of pregnancy. Patency is simply the fact that the fallopian tubes will allow an egg to pass along to be fertilised. The success rate itself is the number of pregnancies that were achieved and Mr. Clive Pickles has a rate of an amazing 76% where women had a baby after the procedure was done under his care.

Female sterilisation reversal allows you to have a baby the natural way as if you’d never had a tubal ligation at all. It is easy to make an appointment and discuss your thoughts with us. We won’t express any judgement on your decisions either past or present. We simply want to help you achieve your dream of falling pregnant.

It’s easy to have a consultation where Mr. Clive Pickles can discuss your history and tell you more about the procedure. If you are ready to proceed after that, you can immediately make an appointment for your surgery or ring Mandy at a later date. We’d love to hear from you so simply contact us for any details you want to learn more about.

4 Comments on “Female Sterilisation Reversal is a Natural Option”

  1. Hi, can i have a sterilization reversal on the nhs? As im desprate to have it reversed but cant afford it privately

    1. Hi there,

      I’m not sure that it is possible on the NHS. The best thing you can do is to email us via the contact page and Mr Pickles’ secretary will get back to you directly.

      Thank you

  2. I would love to have my sterilization reversed. I had my tubes tied while married, and now years later, I am divorced and in a serious relationship with a wonderful man who has no children of his own. I am curious about the price and the success rate of this procedure. Thank you!

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