Female sterilisation is an effective and informed as a permanent method of birth control. It blocks the egg from leaving the fallopian tubes as well as inhibiting sperm from reaching it. Women may choose to undergo this procedure for several reasons – lack of desire to have any more children, health issues in either her or her partner’s situation, or due to difficulties within a relationship. However life can be unpredictable with paths changing all too often; many women who were formerly content without having another child now find themselves wanting one again and wonder if it is possible to fall pregnant after being sterilised.

For women who have undergone sterilisation and experienced a shift in circumstances or simply changed their minds, it is possible to become pregnant after being sterilised! The two options for pregnancy after sterilisation are to undergo In-vitro-Fertilisation (IVF) or the less expensive and more successful option of sterilisation reversal surgery, to achieve the dream of motherhood once more.

Female sterilisation reversal

Under the care of Mr Dobson, a female sterilisation can be reversed successfully in almost 99% of patients undergoing surgery (figures as of Feb 2024). Approximately 99 percent of women who have been sterilised will be considered a suitable candidate for a tubal ligation reversal.

The effectiveness of female sterilisation reversal is increased by having your sterilisation reversal conducted by a surgeon with significant experience with the procedure. Mr Dobson, director of the UKs largest female sterilisation reversal clinic, based at the Park Hospital in Nottinghamshire, conducts more than one hundred female sterilisation reversals annually with great results. Almost 75% of women have gone onto to have a pregnancy after their reversal operation.

The Process and Price

The first step is to arrange an initial face-to-face, video or telephone consultation with Mr Dobson. There is a fixed price for the procedure (£4,875 as of Feb 2024) as well as a 0% finance package. At the consultation Mr Dobson will ask about your health and in most cases, can move towards booking you in for surgery – the next step in becoming fertile again. Often there is not a long waiting list. If you need to collate your finances, then that is fine. There will be no pressure on you to have to book a date for surgery until you are ready to do so.

It is also important to know that as one of only a handful of fertility sub-specialists in the UK, Mr Dobson’s post operative care focuses on ensuring that you have the maximum chance of becoming pregnant.

Edited: Feb 2024.