The Cost of Female Sterilisation Reversal

Mr Dobson only operates from the BMI Park Hopsital in Nottingham. This is a fully operational private hospital with an ITU, Radiology and Pathology department and it has 5 operating theatres. Every year many people attend the BMI Park Hospital for many different types of treatment and the reputation of the BMI Park is highly acclaimed. A recent survey of patients indicated that 100% of them woud recommend the BMI Park Hospital to friends or relatives.   The cost of reversal of sterilisation at the BMI Park Hospital, Nottingham is an inclusive price for the following:-

  • Pre Operative Consultation
  • In-patient care at the BMI Park Hospital
  • Anaesthetist’s fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • One follow-up visit usually 6 weeks after surgery
  • Any unforeseen treatment due to complications

Total Cost : £4,181.00 (From 1st January 2019)

Note: The cost of the consultation is £200 payable on arrival by cash or cheque. If you proceed to have a female sterilisation reversal, the balance of £3,981 will be due and this can be paid by credit card, cash or cheque at least 7 days in advance.

The BMI Healthcare Payment Plan Card – Now 12 Months Interest Free Credit

There is also the BMI Payment Plan Card which is a 12 month 0% finance scheme to help you fund your surgery. If after the 12 months, you still need time to pay off the outstanding balance, an APR rate of 9.9% is applied until the balance is cleared. Many patients use this as a method to help spread the cost of the surgery. Credit checks are required but the card does not have to be in your name. You could take the card out in the name of a relative, if they have a better credit history.

To save time, you can find out more about the finance here and download the form too.

As the cost of a female sterilisation reversal is less than £7000, once you apply using the application form available from us, you should know whether you have been successful in your application within 48 hours. Click here to ask us for a form.

Save and Pay

This is a non-credit assessed method to enable you to help save for your surgery. All you need to do is to book in with us and we will then set up a unique account for you. Whenever you can, please add money to this account, building up the amount until the full total is present. At that point you can have your surgery. Please ask Mandy for more details.

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    1. Hi I’m 45,i have done the sterilized 8 years ago, now I need a baby with my husband my new partner is it possible for me to do the reversal?

      1. Hi Makhosazane, thank you for your message. Mr Pickles is based in Nottingham. You can email his secretary for more information via our contact page. Thank you.

  2. Hi I was sterilised with clips in 2016 after my 4th child but 3rd c-section , as I was pushed in to this the day I was off down to have my child , I am however now wanting to conceive again I’m 31 , would I be able to have a reversal thankyou x

    1. hi Lisa, if you contact Mandy (PA to Mr Pickles) she will be able to advise you further. You can contact her via the Contact us page here.

      1. Hi Meg, thank you for your message. If you send a message to Mandy, PA to Mr Pickles, she will be able to help you. She can be contacted on 0115 966 2111. Thank you.

  3. I was bullied by my ex husband to be sterilized at the age of 27. I was a victim of domestic abuse and violence.

    I have left my very toxic and dangerous marriage and I’m engaged to a wonderful man.

    We would like to have our own babies. Would I get help paying? My circumstances are terrible.

    1. Dear Georgina, Thank you for your message. I am afraid that the only help we can offer is finance via Chrysalis finance. This would mean credit checks need to be done but if you have a family member who would be willing to help, then they can apply for the finance for you. I hope that helps.

      1. Hi im Rebecca I would like my tubes reversed I was forced to get them done and now I would love for them to be reverse I would love a baby with my husband to be

  4. Hiya am just enquiring I was sterilised in my early 20 as was in a controlling marriage but now am out off all that but unfortunately now 46 could you please advise me if it would even be worth me having the procedure at this late on in my life
    Thank you.

  5. I’m 36! And Im in a relationship with my childhood sweetheart after all theses years but after my ex and having 5 .. I stupidly got sterilised and my partner hasn’t got kids … I wanna book appointment

  6. Hi I’m 51, In a new relationship with a lovely man who has no children I had me tubes clipped at the age of 33 is it possible to get them undone to have a child, I still have regular periods

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your message. I would be best if you contacted Mandy, Mr Pickles PA as sometimes its not as simple as just having periods. You can send her a message via the contact us page.

  7. Hi I’m 39
    Due to not being mentally stable and other reasons I chose to get sterilised after my third child now I have settled down and found someone I’m looking to get it reversed

    1. Dear V, thank you for your message. You will need to contact Mandy on 0115 966 2111. Thank you.

  8. I had tubal ligation in 2018 after my 6th c section and I regret my decision of being sterilised and would love to have another child please let me know what my options are. I am 39.

    1. Dear Sam,

      It might be much easier if you contact Mandy. She is Mr Pickles PA and will be able to assist you. Her number is 0115 966 2111.

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