Yes, a payment plan for sterilisation reversal  is available in the UK. Whilst the payment for a female sterilisation reversal needs to come from either finance or own funds, it is regarded as a “self-pay” procedure and medical insurance does not cover the cost.

The Finance Option: Chrysalis Finance

The Circle Health group of hospitals have a 0% finance scheme for 10 months which then reverts to a 12.9% APR for any outstanding balances. In fact, payments can be made over a maximum five year period where the first 10 months would be interest free. If you have had previous surgery and you funded it via the BMI card, then Chrysalis Finance has replaced that and works in a very similar way, if not an easier way.

The Chrysalis Finance plan, the payment plan to spread the cost of financing surgery within the Circle Health Hospitals such as The Park Hospital in Nottinghamshire enable many people every year to have many different types of procedures, including the reversal of their sterilisation or tubal ligation reversal.

The amount that you can borrow is as little as £350 to a maximum of £25,000. This means that you can combine the use of your savings together with finance. For example, if you have £2000 in savings that you want to use towards the cost of your sterilisation reversal surgery, then you would only need to seek finance for the remainder.

It does require credit checks but if you are having the sterilization reversal, you do not personally have to apply for the card: your partner could do so. This is particularly helpful when individuals may have average or poor credit scores as it means that the person who has the higher credit score can apply for the payment plan for sterilization reversal. In fact, we have had mothers and mother-in-laws applying for the card so that their relative could have the procedure they so wished to have.

If you want to apply for the payment plan for sterilization reversal, then you can click the link here. It takes a few minutes to complete and you should hear back straight away. Assuming your are successful, you can then use this finance to pay or help pay for your sterilization reversal.

When Does The Payment Plan for Sterilization Reversal Start?

The first payment is due the month following your surgery. Many people try and use some of their savings to supplement the cost of the sterilization reversal. If you are using a combination of your own savings and Chrysalis Finance, then you would need to make payment prior to surgery of your savings and at the point of surgery, the finance would be initiated and then you would have 10 months, interest free, to make payments without any additional cost. So if you managed to pay off the remaining cost in the 10 month period, then you would only pay the cost of the surgery as advertised.

The Non-Finance Option: Save and Pay

The whole cost of your surgery is required around two weeks prior to attending hospital for your surgery. With this in mind, it is possible to pay off the whole sum required in instalments of your own choice. We have found that for those who cannot obtain credit and also don’t have the full cost of the surgery, then this is a good way to save and pay at the same time.

To do this, you would need to book in a date for surgery (via Mandy, PA to Mr Dobson) for a maximum 6 months in advance. It is not possible to book further away than this.

Once you are booked in, you will be told what the price is and when payment is due. It would be your responsibility to contact our finance department and make payment.

We do take cash as a last resort but this would need to be received at the hospital two weeks prior to surgery and have time allowed for counting. It cannot be received on the day.

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy, PA to Mr Dobson and she will be able to a advise you.