Does Experience Matter?

Does Experience Matter When Choosing A Female Sterilization Reversals Surgeon?

Experience does matter when considering a female sterilization reversal. Every year due to a change in circumstance or a change of heart, women decide that their sterilization procedure needs to be reversed to enable them to have another baby.  The female sterilization reversal operation requires considerable skill and there are important factors that need to be considered when choosing your surgeon.



1. The surgeon needs to have regularly performed female sterilization reversals.

In the medical world, surgeons are now becoming more and more specialised. In the NHS, this is referred to as sub-specialisation which means that surgeons are encouraged to focus on a smaller number of procedures connected to the area of the body that they treat and this in turn increases their expertise. Also, if a surgeon performs an operation privately they need to have performed it on the NHS. The funding for female sterilization reversals is decreasing on the NHS, so there is more demand for this to be performed in the private sector so it even more important that the surgeon you choose can show that he has performed this surgery regularly and that women have had a high number of pregnancies as a consequence.


2. There need to be testimonials as proof of success.

Before the internet, if you needed  to find someone to perform any job for you, be it a plumber or a doctor, you inevitably asked someone you knew for advice. Nowadays, through the internet, it is possible to find out all sorts of information about a surgeon and find out others people’s opinions and whether a particular surgeon is successful. So when seeking surgery for female sterilization reversals, testimonials are vital evidence of the success, skill and professionalism of a surgeon and are very important when deciding who to visit for advice on your own female sterilization reversal.


3. Frequency maintains skill.

If a surgeon performs an operation regularly, then the skill required for a successful procedure is maintained and improved. This means that the anatomy, the technique and any problems arising from the surgery all add to the experience of performing successful female sterilization reversals.


If you need any help or advice, please do contact us your question about having your female sterilization reversed and we will work hard to help you achieve the baby that you are hoping to have.

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