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Welcome to our Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic.

A quick synopsis about us: The Female Sterilisation Clinic is based at The Park Hospital, Nottingham and is run by Mr Samuel Dobson (Consultant Gynaecologist and Sub-Specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery). You can read more about Mr Dobson’s significant experience here. The female sterilisation reversal clinic has been running for over a decade, having previously been run by the now retired Mr Clive Pickles.

The reversal clinic at the Park Hospital serves women all over the UK & internationally who are seeking a reversal of their sterilisation for both pregnancy or treatment for PTLS.

about us

Very experienced in fallopian tube surgery

Reversal of female sterilisation is a procedure which requires great skill, microsurgical techniques and proficiency to have a successful outcome. Mr Dobson, a Sub-Specialist in Reproductive and tubal surgery performs over a hundred female sterilisation reversals each year making him one of the most experienced tubal reversal surgeons in the world.

This website will guide you through what makes this specialist procedure a success, what the expected success rates are, and what you can expect from Mr Dobson.

Mr Dobson is also happy to discuss and offer tubal surgery for post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS), the removal of Essure devices, treatment of non sterilisation related tubal blockages and re-implantation of fallopian tubes.

In addition to tubal surgery, Mr Dobson can offer outpatient tubal blockage testing (Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy)), ovulation induction, ultrasound scanning (for early pregnancy, fertility and general gynaecological care), IVF care and management of recurrent miscarriage.

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