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Costs of Female Sterilisation Reversals

The Cost of a Female Sterilisation Reversal

Reversal of Female Sterilisation

  • All inclusive/ no extra costs
  • Success rate 65-75%

Compared with IVF...

£8000 +Average cost of one cycle
  • Basic cost + drugs + embryo freezing + frozen transfers
  • Success rate 32%

Mr Dobson operates from the Park Hospital in Nottingham & (more recently) the Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield. He performs over 100 reversal procedures per year, making him the most experienced reversal surgeon in the UK. Success rates in reversal surgery come from experience and from doing lots of reversals each year, as such, we recommend always asking your surgeon ‘how many do you do a year?‘. Both hospitals are fully operational private hospitals with enhanced care units/ ITU, Radiology and multiple operating theatres.

Both hospitals (part of the circle healthcare group) are highly acclaimed. A recent survey of patients indicated that 100% of them would recommend the both Hospitals to friends or relatives.

The cost of reversal of sterilisation as open surgery (with a single incision at your bikini line level/ through your old caesarean scar) at both hospitals is an inclusive price (you don’t pay any extra) for the following:-

  • Pre Operative Consultation
  • In-patient care if you stay over night (including any medication required)
  • Anaesthetist’s fees
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • One follow-up phone call 3 months after surgery
  • Any unforeseen treatment due to complications**

Total Cost : £4,875.00 (From August 2023)*

**as of July 2024 there have been no complications following reversal surgery.

Optional additional costs:

  • *HyCoSy tubal testing at 3-6 months post-op is £325 (Normally £425) – see below for more information
  • Keyhole Surgery (£200 additional fee)

Cost explanation:

The cost of the initial consultation is £200, payable prior to the appointment in cash, cheque, online or bank transfer. If you proceed to have a female sterilisation reversal, the fee for the initial consultation will be deducted from the total bill and the balance of £4,625 will be due.

All bookings require a deposit of £500 to secure your date for surgery. No booking can be confirmed without this deposit (cash/ card/ bank transfer). If you wish to cancel your surgery, providing you contact us at least 2 weeks before your surgery, the majority of the deposit is refundable (minus a £50 administration & banking fee). You can also change the date of your surgery providing you let us know within 2 weeks of your surgery.

The cost of the consultation (£200) plus the deposit cost (£500) are then deducted from the total cost, leaving £4175 to pay. You can either pay via finance (for more information see below), or alternatively, you can pay £4175 by credit card or debit card to Circle Healthcare. Full payment must be received two weeks prior to the date of surgery. Unfortunately, if this final payment is not received, then your surgery date will be offered to those on the waiting list and you will lose your deposit.

*HyCoSy, tubal testing:

HyCoSy test tubes open

HyCoSy Ultrasound test confirming the tubes are open

A HyCoSy is a test which uses an ultrasound scan machine and dye to check whether the fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged. The HyCoSy does not use X-rays and can image the other structures in the pelvis such as the ovaries and womb at the same time.

The HyCoSy is a relatively short procedure, taking around 30 minutes, and does not need a general anaesthetic. A thin plastic tube is placed into the womb via the cervix, and an ultrasound bubble solution is passed down the tube into the womb, where it then flows into the fallopian tubes. An ultrasound looks at the progress of the fluid into the tubes to determine if the tubes are open or blocked.

Following reversal surgery, it is advisable to have a HyCoSy test around 3-6 months post-op.

The purpose of the HyCoSy is to ensure the tubes have remained open following the surgery and also to flush out any debris/ mucus or skin cells that may be blocking the tubes, preventing the sperm and eggs from meeting. There are many studies showing an increase in pregnancies following this procedure.

A HyCoSy would normally cost more than £500 in most fertility clinics, however, if you have undergone a reversal with Mr Dobson, it can be booked for the reduced fee of £325 and performed following your surgery. (For any patients who have previously had a Tubal reversal with Mr Pickles, this test can also be booked at this discounted rate on request.)

For anyone else who wants to check if their tubes are blocked or not and have not previously been under Mr Dobsons care, then it can be booked for the normal price of £425.

The Chrysalis Finance Payment Plan – 10 Months Interest Free Credit

The Chrysalis Finance Payment Plan offers a 10 month 0% finance scheme to help you fund your surgery. If after the 10 months, you still need time to pay off the outstanding balance, an APR rate of 12.9% is applied until the balance is cleared. Many patients use this as a method to help spread the cost of the surgery. Credit checks are required but the card does not have to be in your name. You could take the card out in the name of a relative, if they have a better credit history.

We used to offer the ‘BMI Payment Plan Card’ but this has been phased out. Chrysalis Finance is easier to obtain and has similar terms.

To save time, you can find out more about the finance here and download the form too.

There are credit checks needed but we do have an alternative option if you have applied for Chrysalis Finance and been turned down or if you don’t want to use credit. This is called Save and Pay.

Save and Pay

This is a method of paying for your surgery but not using credit through Chrysalis Finance. This is called Save and Pay which enables you to pay for the cost of surgery using debit cards, credit cards or cash at any point from booking to two weeks before surgery but there are some things to think about:

  • you need a date for surgery that can’t be more than 6 months from today’s date. So if you are reading this June, then the date the furthest away you could book would be December.
  •  the responsibility of making payments is yours alone. We do not remind you, just give you the information at the point of booking so that you can make payments to suit you.
  • you can use any combination of debit cards, credit cards and/or cash.
  • payments can be made of any amount
  • payments can also be made from other people’s cards where permission has been given i.e. family who want to help.
  • if you want to pay by cash, then you need to come to the hospital in person at least two weeks before your surgery date BY APPOINTMENT. It takes quite a while to count cash and for this reason, you cannot bring cash on the day under any circumstances.
  • payment in full has to be made by two weeks BEFORE the date of surgery. If it is not paid in full, then there is a chance that your surgery will not go ahead.

More information can be found on this blog post here.

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