female sterilization reversalThe Female Sterilization Clinic is based at the BMI Park Hospital, Nottingham and is run by Mr Samuel Dobson

People come from all over the UK to have their female sterilization reversal surgery with Mr Dobson.

It is possible to have your sterilisation reversed in the majority of cases. 5% of women who have had what they thought would be a permanent sterilisation, decide they want a female sterilisation reversal operation every year.

 75% of women after a reversal of sterilisation with Mr Pickles become pregnant.

Reversal of female sterilisation is a procedure which requires great skill and proficiency to have a successful outcome. Through the information on this website, you will find that Mr Dobson is a surgeon for female sterilisation reversal with a high success rate. He has performed the procedure for many years, his experience and skill give you a very good chance of getting pregnant though your personal success will depend upon your personal circumstances.

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