tubal ligation reversalYou thought you were finished. You decided you had had as many children as you and your partner wanted and you didn’t want to worry anymore. So you went ahead and and had your tubes tied.

But plans change. Perhaps you now have a new partner, one with whom you want to make a new family. You now want more options. There are other reasons for having a tubal ligation reversal such as,

  • Desire for more children
  • Death of one of your children
  • Pressure from family members
  • Desire to change the family dynamic
  • A need to breathe new life into a relationship

When you choose Mr. Samuel Dobson for your doctor, you will get an experienced clinician who routinely succeeds in helping his patients. The majority of women who have Mr. Dobson do their tubal ligation reversal bear children, many within months of the operation. Women feel comfortable in seeking help from him because he understands how important this is to them.

After this procedure you will soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet telling you that there is another adorable child in your house. The innocence and wonder will inspire both you and your partner and you will look upon your relationship with renewed enthusiasm.

It is important to remember that with female fertility, time is of the essence. The younger both partners are, the better. That is why it is essential to not put this decision off too long. Please consult our website for more information. Contact us when you are ready for another bundle of joy.