reversal of female sterilisationMany females may often consider having a reversal of female sterilisation procedure done after being sterilised for a period of time. As such, it is important to understand the aspects and ramifications involving such a procedure. By learning how to evaluate factors such as timing, cost and personal health, deciding if the procedure is right for your personal situation should be achievable.

Timing of the Procedure

The general pattern in female sterilisation reversal procedures is a lower overall chance of conception the longer that you have been sterilised. This can be due to a number of reasons. Over time scarring can occur and eventually the body’s immune system may no longer be compatible with the segregated portion of the female reproductive system. According to Web MD, “However, not every woman is able to become pregnant after tubal reversal. Age plays an important role in the ability to become pregnant after tubal reversal. Older women are much less likely than younger woman to become pregnant after this procedure. In general, pregnancy success rates range from 40% to 85%”

Recovery after Reversal

Typically it will be necessary to remain in the hospital for one to three days after the surgery is completed. Painkillers are prescribed for the next two weeks, during which it is recommended to cease normal activities such as work to allow proper healing.

Follow Up

Attending a follow up appointment after the surgery is extremely important. During this follow up an x-ray analysis will be completed in order to ensure that the fallopian tubes are open and working properly. In some rare instances a condition called ectopic pregnancy can occur, which is where a pregnancy occurs inside the fallopian tube. Even after this initial follow up, it will be essential to visit the doctor regularly once you learn you are pregnant in order to know this state of pregnancy has not occurred.

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