Tubal Ligation Surgery

Tubal Ligation Surgery or Female Sterilization Reversal?

Some women seem to be more fertile than others. While some women are struggling to get pregnant, there are other women who are afraid to have intercourse because every time they do it seems like they end up pregnant, even when they are using birth control and/or protection. It is not unusual for a woman who has decided that she is no longer going to have children to have female sterilization which will make it impossible for sperm to fertilize any of her eggs.

When most women decide to be sterilized they assume that they are never going to have children again. The problem occurs when women find themselves in a position where they suddenly want to start having children again.  The good news is that hope is not lost. Female sterilization reversal is something that some women elect to have done. The key to success is finding a surgeon who is skilled in the procedure and has evidence that it works.

If you have decided that you want to have the surgery reversed so that you can once again conceive, you will need to seek expert advice. In the UK, a skilled surgeon can perform the surgery and it is called female sterilization reversal. In the US, the exact same circumstances and the surgery is Tubal Ligation reversal. It is exactly the same procedure.

If you are thinking about tubal reversal, the odds are in your favor.  At Mr Dobson’s clinic eighty-four percent of women who decided to have a female sterilization reversal were able to conceive and 76% carried their child to full term. Various studies have indicated that the younger you are when you decide to take advantage of female sterilization reversal, the greater the odds are that you will be able to get pregnant shortly after the surgery has been completed.

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  1. Hello I’m want to ask a question when I had my last child I had my tubes cut and tied would I beable to have it reversed again.thank u.

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