tubal ligation reversal an excellent alternativeJust as there are many reasons why a woman chooses to have a tubal ligation, there are just as many reasons to consider tubal ligation reversal. Some women simply change their minds and there is nothing wrong with that. In life, we often make decisions based on what we think we will feel like in the future and like life, things can change.

For instance, you may have thought that you didn’t want children or didn’t want more children. Perhaps you were in a relationship where your partner didn’t want children and that has changed. Here at The Female Sterilisation Clinic, we don’t question your decisions, nor do we judge you by your decisions. Your life is private and we are only here to help you achieve fertility if you have decided you want to fall pregnant.

What is good to know is that “permanent” sterilisation is not always permanent after all. In fact, our success rate is quite high with Mr. Samuel Dobson as our experienced surgeon. He has been performing this procedure since 1989 and you can know that you are in capable and professional hands.

While the success rates vary depending on the way the original tubal ligation was performed, the age of the client and other determining factors, you can rest assured that 76% of the women who have had this procedure with Mr. Dobson have gone on to become pregnant.

No one can make this decision for you but if you are considering a reversal of your decision, contact us and let us schedule a consultation so you can learn more about this highly effective procedure.