tubal ligation reversalThere was one point when you and your partner made a decision that you did not want to have any more children. So, you made the decision to go through with a birth control method that would be permanent, which is known as sterilisation. Sterilisation is not only something that is done for males. Sterilisation is also done for females. Some people may refer to it as tubal ligation. When men want the sterilisation procedure, it is called a vasectomy.

Second Thoughts?

You made the decision to become sterile, but then you begin to have second thoughts. Maybe you and your partner decided to have another child, your financial situation has gotten better, or you are in another relationship and he or she wants to have a child. You’re probably thinking that your previous decision has completely ruined your chance at being happy again. All is not lost because tubal ligation reversal is possible.

Research And Questions

If you have really truly decided that you want to reverse the procedure, you can have your tubes rejoined. However, this does not completely mean that you will become pregnant right away. Not every woman can become pregnant after having the reversal procedure. It is highly important to speak to your doctor or other medical provider, as well as the doctor who will do the procedure. You will want to go over any concerns that you may have in order to completely understand the procedure.

Are You Physically Able To Have Another Child?

There are several questions that your health care provider will ask before a decision is made. As with any kind of surgery, it will not be recommended for everyone. There are also risks and warnings, just like with several other procedures and surgeries that people have. Typically, you and your partner will have to undergo a physical so a determination can be made on if you are able to become pregnant after surgery.

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