Three Things About Reversal of Female Sterilization You Should Really KnowIf you are considering having a family after having a tubal ligation, knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, and that’s certainly true about reversal of female sterilization. Here are three things you should know when it comes to reversal of female sterilization so you can be informed in making this decision.

  • The Operation: First and foremost, the reversal operation works to rejoin the Fallopian tubes. During a tubal ligation the tubes are clipped or cut so that the egg cannot travel to the uterus, stopping the ability to become pregnant. The operation itself only takes about an hour or so and you can go home after one or two nights – it depends on when you had your procedure.
  • Success Rates: The success rate depends on varying factors although age does play a heavy weight in whether or not you will fall pregnant. After the age of 35-40, the chances of becoming pregnant do start to decrease but there are many successful pregnancies within all ages after reversal of female sterilization. The condition of your Fallopian tubes, male fertility and your menstrual cycle can also be a  factor.
  • Cost: The cost of the operation is all-inclusive meaning that you do not pay extra or hidden costs; what you pay is the total amount and that’s it. The cost of the operation is £3,995 and includes the pre-op consultation, anaesthetist, surgeon, in-patient care at the BMI Park Hospital, a follow-up visit and any unforeseen treatment for complications. Many places will charge separately for some of these items that are included and then you get surprised with additional bills but at The Female Sterilization Reversal Clinic, it’s all part of the total cost.

We don’t judge why you have decided to reverse your tubal ligation. In fact, we are only here to help you achieve your dreams of having a family. To talk more about this, or to schedule a consultation with Mr Pickles, please Contact Us.