The Truth About Reversal of Female SterilizationThere are times in our lives that we change our minds about important matters. Maybe in the past you didn’t want children or thought you were done with your family and didn’t want more children than you already have. There can be a number of reasons why you now think differently and fortunately, if you had a tubal ligation you have alternatives. You may have heard plenty of hype surrounding reversal of female sterilization, but now it’s time to delve into the truth.

There are varying factors that contribute to the success rate of your reversal of female sterilization. These include the age that you are, the condition of your fallopian tubes, your menstrual cycle, and the male fertility of your partner.

However, while these factors play a large part in your success you can rest assured that Mr Pickles’ rate of success is extremely high and is due to his expertise and knowledge in the field. In fact, his success rate is above the norm at an impressive 84% which is higher than the US rate of 66% at Chapel Hill. The number of full-term births is at 76%. The reason for the difference in success rate numbers is because the rates are determined in two ways: overall pregnancy rate and the number of full-term births.

If you want to discuss the success rates with Mr Pickles based on your own factors such as age or reproductive health, simply Contact Us so we can help you further. You can even go ahead and schedule a consultation or the procedure if you wish.