Hi Mandy and Clive,

We have not updated you in a while but i am now coming towards the end of my pregnancy! A few weeks ago I had my first growth scan at 28 weeks, i have attached my scan picture and we are pleased to say she is doing very well, she was already 3.9lb at that stage. I have another next Thursday at 32 weeks!

The other picture my latest bump picture take last Friday at 30weeks and 1 day.

We can’t believe how fast it has gone since last year and how far we have come. I can’t believe I only had the reversal surgery on 31/10/18 And I’m already 7 months pregnant! This time last year, I had not even started to look into it and look where we are, not far from meeting our little bundle of joy! Thank you so much for everything you both did for us!

Warmest regards