Its been a long time since I have been in touch, just to let you and Mr Pickles know that, despite a heart attack 2 years ago, I am in great health and I am sure I only survived the heart attack because I had had the reversal. Several of the women in the PTLS groups said their mothers, who were sterilised, died at my age from unexpected heart attacks.

Thanks to the reversal I have my life back and I am getting fitter. At the beginning of this year, at the age of 53, I took up pole dancing!

I would never have believed I could do it and I know without the reversal it would not have been possible! Last month I managed my first climb to the top of the pole. I can do yoga again as well which I had to stop after getting sterilised because of the pain and the weight gain. I hadn’t done a headstand for about 4 years and I can do them again now.,

Thank you so much to all the team and Mr Pickles especially, forgiving me back my health and my life.

best wishes