Hi Mandy… I had my sterilisation reversal done in March 2017. I had 3 children previously with an ex partner and new partner did not have children so we thought we would try and see if Mr Pickles could work his magic. We had our first reversal baby in feb 2018 followed 11 months later by reversal baby number 2 in jan 2019. Sadly in June 2019 and January 2020 we lost 2 pregnancies. It was a very sad time and then lockdown hit, and we were blessed with another pregnancy. After a lot of worry and stress we are now 13 weeks pregnant and baby is growing well and due feb 2021. This will be our last but I just wanted to thank Mr Pickles for being a miracle worker and thank you to you for your support. We are feeling very blessed and looking forward to reversal baby number 3 arriving in 6 months. Thank you all so much. Please feel free to share.