Well after being told my reversal had failed and mr pickles found my tubes had healed shut and we would need ivf or another reversal to get pregnant as without it the chance was minuet, this was in june 2019. At this stage i stopped everything opks. Serrapeptase prenatal vits everything. Bought a puppy and was waiting to do ive in a year or so. As you can imagine we was shocked to find out we was pregnant in dec 2019. Sadly this ended in a live ectopic on 2.1.20.Told by doctors i’d stuggle to conceive again due to my last tube being scarred and having watery fluid in it. To our shock we found out we was pregnant AGAIN 19.2.20.My bloods rose as they should just as they did with my ectopic. Doctors believed i was having another ectopic and was going to take me to surgery sunday night. The consultant said to wait till the monday. They decided to scan me monday morning to their surprise the found a small sac in my uterus.After bleeding between 5-7 weeks and doctors mixing my notes up with someone elses and telling me i was having a miscarriage, we had another scan today 17.4.20 due to more bleeding. We have a beautiful baby growing nicely measuring 12w2d. We are not sure if the surgeon who removed my ectopic cleared my last tube, there is no notes/evidance of this but the fluid that was in my tube was no longer showing on my early pregnancy scan or if this was plain look and a total miracle.