Well what a journey it as beenOct 29 2018 reversalMay 2019 hsg showed blocked tubesJune 2019 mr pickles was unable to freeopen the tubes after being told my reversal had failed and mr pickles found my tubes had healed shut and finding out we would need ivf or another reversal to get pregnant as without it the chance was minuet, At this stage i stopped everything opks. Serrapeptase prenatal vits everything. Bought a puppy and was waiting to do ive in a year or so. As you can imagine we was shocked to find out we was pregnant in dec 2019. Sadly this ended in a live ectopic on 2.1.20. Told by doctors i’d stuggle to conceive again due to my last tube being scarred and having watery fluid in it the chance was less than 2%. As you could imagine we was shocked To fine out we was pregnant AGAIN on19.2.20 less than 7 weeks after ectopic surgery.My bloods rose as they should just as they did with my ectopic. Doctors believed i was having another ectopic and was going to take me to surgery on the sunday night. The consultant said to wait till the monday . They decided to scan me monday morning to their surprise the found a small sac in my uterus. they think there maybe a chance the surgen who removed my ectopic cleared my remaining tube as the watery fluid in my tube could not be seen on the scan and the condition does not go unless treated often with surgery. but its not in my notes so we will never know.After bleeding between 5-7 weeks and doctors mixing my notes up with someone elses and telling me i was having a miscarriage.After heavy bleeding at 12 weeks i was diagnosed wirlth an sch which kept growing and shrinking throughou my pregnancy which put the pregnancy at risk of my waters breaking early luckily it wasnt near my placenta or this would have put me at risk of placenta abruption aswell.At 25 weeks i was given ct scan xrays and treated for blood clots etc due to breathing difficulties.At 33 weeks i was diagnosed with cholestasis which you will know is a serious condition that puts you at risk of stillbirth.in the early hours of saturdsy the 26th september at 35w5d i woke up to very heavy bleeding that wasnt stopping. doctors decided to give me an emergancy csection Our little girl was delivered just in time weighinģ 6lb 13 oz. They found that my placenta had arupted even with my sch not being near the placenta and no longer showing on scans from 32 weeks.. our little lsdy spent 9 dsys in NICU before being allowed home. Its been a long hard jourmey bit she thought threw it all she really is a miracle meet Lilac-Grace