Dear Mr Pickles

Hope this email finds you well.

In June 2016 you operated on my wife xxx to repair her tubes after a previous sterilisation.

The outcome was successful but sadly we miscarried.
We were then advised by Create IVF clinic to embark on a cycle of IVF treatment which resulted in faliure and we were told my wife’s eggs were too old and we stood very little chance of falling pregnant.

I am delighted to inform you that we did fall pregnant naturally because of you and your pioneering treatment.

You are in fact the only specialist that told us that Nikki’s reproductive system was healthy and still ovulating.

Please find attached a picture of our son xxx who was born on 25th December 2018. The best Christmas present ever.

We can never put into words how grateful we are as without your skilled work this would never have been possible.

A million thank you’s could never be enough.

Our highest regards