This is from Cara, she’s happy to give her name. For those of you for whom a sterilization didn’t seem to suit your body, but may or may not want another child, read on:

I have left a review but I wanted to add something – I know people get this op for different reasons, we want a child, but ever since I was sterilised my periods have been a nightmare – so painful; I never had period pains before getting sterilised – but the 5 years since some months have had me bedridden. I had my op 2 weeks ago – I had no bleeding following and I am due around now but usually know because of the pain – my period had just completely took me by surprise!! No pain, no back ache, no clots! I can’t believe it, I expected my first to be pretty bad, but the relief is amazing!! I know some people get the op because of this – so just wanted to share my experience – this enough is well worth it – Mr Pickles, Mr Thompson and their team are the best! Highly recommended – will update when pregnant! Thank you all for this chance!! Xx