Hi mandy i had my op april 5th 2017 i recantly found out i was very early pregnant i have been through a rough time this last 3 weeks when i found out i was pregnant i suffered a blood clot located behind my womb which lead to internal bleeding i had emergancy surgery to save my life n spent quite some time in hospital with a drainage tube in my tummy but besides the fact im on the road to recovery n had a 90% chance of miscarriage n had actually been told twice i was miscarring i went to a scan todat n with everybodys shock there is a 6 week 3 day fetus in the right place with a strong heartbeat a little miracle im so in shock and i want to thank doctor pickles and his team for giving me this chance and after everything ive been through its clearly ment to be im not out of the woods yet but im taking it easy doctors orders but everything looks perfect 🙂 xx