We just wanted to share are extremely long journey with you I had my reversal in sept 2013, after some months Dr pickles decided to put me 50mg of clomid, as my biological clock was ticking (43) unfortunately after a year Dr pickles ordered me to have a HSG, it showed one of my tubes was blocked but the other fine, after long awaited months on end and my age approaching (44) we felt our only chance was ivf upon my scan it showed 8, 8cm cysts due to my body reacting from clomid after a few months and further testing my AMH level (egg reserve) was low 1.7 and was given 5% chance. After a long agonising decision we decided our only hope was egg donation as this gave us 70%. We was excepted within a month and was awaiting our donor to start her cycle, in the mean time I’d read a lady on your website that had eaten pineapple core while ovulating to help with implantation so though I’d give it a try as I knew I was ovulating, in July (just after my 44 birthday) I did a pregnancy test and yes 3+ weeks nothing could of prepared us for that result!!! It’s been very manic for the past couple of weeks as they first thought it was ectopic as when I had an early scan there wasn’t any baby And my HCG was 6700, being extremely high!! But after a couple on weeks baby is where it should be and we
got to see its heartbeat today!!! All I can say is miracles do happen
and anyone out there never give up I’m living proof that at 44 years
old it really can happen, thank you Dr pickles and Mandy we shall be eternally grateful xx