June 2, 2022

Hello Mandy & Dr Pickles,

I wanted to share some amazing news with you, Dr Pickles and team who made our dream come true.

We recently discovered I’m Pregnant.. I’m currently 7 weeks and 1 day, I know its early days but I couldn’t wait to share our news with you, you, Dr Pickles and team made this possible for us..

You are all just absolutely incredible. I cannot thank you enough and the amazing work that you all do. It’s just so overwhelming at the moment, we got to see our little baby’s heartbeat few days ago and it was so precious.

I will keep you updated through the pregnancy, and share some scan photos when we have some.

Thank you and Dr Pickles and all your team so much for everything for making our dream come true, and for all the support and understanding after my operation. Please pass on the news to Dr Pickles for us.

Thank you once again so much. Xxxx