June 16, 2022

Hi Mandy, Mr Pickles and team.

Didn’t expect to be emailing you again but here we are! As you know I had the reversal operation in March 2017 and had our first reversal baby in feb 2018. Followed very quickly by reversal baby number 2 in January 2019. Sadly after that we had 2 miscarriages but during lockdown we were pregnant with reversal baby number 3 who was born feb 2021. We were feeling very blessed and lucky to have our 3 reversal babies and our family was complete. Fast forward to February 2022 and feeling very queasy and unwell I took a test and to our surprise reversal baby number 4 was on the way. 12 week scan done, baby growing well and due October 2022. This will definitely be our last as daddy is having the snip! but we just want to thank you all so very much. We would of been so happy with just 1 baby and we are now due no.4 and our last. So to Mr pickles you really are amazing at what you do and we really can’t thank you enough. We will keep you updated when baby makes an appearance.

Best regards to you all