HI Mandy

I just wanted to contact you regarding my operation. Its been 7 weeks now since the operation and I feel fantastic. The third week was difficult as I was having stabbing pains but after reading forums etc I realized these were normal and they soon went away. I am now completely back to normal and hoping to send you an email regarding good news soon. As an additional bonus, I never equated the bloating I often felt in the evenings with the original surgery, but since the reversal I have had had no bloating at all, and even with more or less eating what I want and not putting in any of my normal gym attendance since the op, I have not put on any weight at all! No idea if that’s down to the op, but I feel fabulous! smile emoticon

Thanks to yourself and Mr Pickles for your quick attention to our request for a reversal and for the care we received. I would particularly like to thank the anesthetist and his team as they made me feel so relaxed on the day….and for Mr Pickles ringing me exactly
6 weeks later as he said he would.

Please feel free to paste to facebook