sterilisation reversalMaking the decision to have sterilisation reversal surgery is a big deal, and even though you’re probably feeling really excited about the idea of having another baby, you’re also probably a little nervous about how to talk with your family about it. That is completely understandable, and here at The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we’re eager to help you with every stage of the challenges you’ll face in the coming months.

Talking with Your Parents

Your parents are probably aware of the fact that you opted for a tubal ligation, and so it’s normal to think that they might express some confusion once you tell them you want to have the sterilisation reversal procedure. They will have a lot of questions, so you will want to arm yourself with the data you’ll need to answer them. The Internet can be a good source of information, but you will want to be sure you’re using statistics from reputable websites. Also, our website has a great deal of facts you can share with them, including plenty of information about our surgeon, Mr Samuel Dobson and his excellent success rates with this procedure.

Talking with Your Friends

Your friends can be an excellent source of support for you as your procedure date approaches. You will want to let them know that you’re planning to have surgery, and ask for their help if you think you will need it during your recovery. Perhaps they would be willing to take your kids to the playground a few times a week to give you a break, or maybe one or two of them would be able to help you prepare some meals ahead of time that you can keep in your freezer for easy dinner preparation. While some of your friends might be concerned about you having surgery, you will most likely find that they’re eager to give you the help you need.

Most of all, you’re probably going to find that once your friends and family get used to the idea, they’re almost as excited to meet your new addition as you are!

If you have questions about the sterilisation reversal procedure, or you’re ready to set up your consultation, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today!