Is Sterilization Reversal For You?


There are few things that bring more joy into our lives than a new baby. If you've made the decision to have female sterilization, once you start thinking that you'd like to have another baby, it can feel like there's no hope for you. Perhaps you've heard of sterilization reversal but you're nervous about proceeding [...]

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The Good News About Sterilization Reversal


Perhaps at one point in your life, you felt that your family was complete.  You had a few babies and you honestly felt that you were finished with that part of your life.  Feeling secure in your decision, you choose female sterilization as your preferred method of birth control.  It seemed easier than remembering to [...]

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Can You Get A Payment Plan For Sterilization Reversal in The UK?


Yes, a payment plan for sterilization reversal  is available in the UK. The BMI Healthcare group of hospitals have a 0% finance scheme for 6 months which then reverts to a 9.9% APR for any outstanding balances. This is called the BMI Payment Plan Card and every year, many people make use of this card for [...]

Can You Get A Payment Plan For Sterilization Reversal in The UK?2022-05-08T13:38:49+00:00
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