Female Sterilisation Reversal Information

The reasons that women have for undergoing a female sterilisation procedure are personal, varied and unique to each individual. However, sometimes circumstances change and women who thought that they never wanted another pregnancy, decide to try for more children. Luckily, it is possible to reverse the sterilisation procedure, all that’s required is a skilled surgeon such as Mr Pickles and a short, … Read More

Female Sterilisation Reversal: Increasing Fertility

One of the common questions that women ask before and after their female sterilisation reversal surgery is about how can they increase their chances of getting pregnant. It is a possible to measure the level of fertility by assessing the function of the ovaries. Whilst the ovarian activity is important, this does not help you if you have been sterilised. There is also another way that many … Read More

The Success Rates of Female Sterilisation Reversal are Astounding

Situations change all of the time and while you may have thought in the past that you did not want a baby, you may have changed your mind. However, if you had female sterilisation surgery, you might be under the impression that you have no options or that the success rates of falling pregnant after a female sterilisation reversal are low. … Read More

Factors to Consider with Female Sterilisation Reversal

Many females who have undergone sterilisation often come to a realisation that they would like to have children. The logical next step in such an instance is to undergo female sterilisation reversal surgery. However, it is important to not make this decision without due thought and consideration of potential alternatives. Health Considerations Many women who are considering having children decide to undergo … Read More

3 Reasons to Consider Female Sterilisation Reversal

If you’ve been thinking about becoming pregnant but have had female sterilisation surgery then you may be wondering about your options. Why do you need to consider female sterilisation reversal? That’s a pretty good question. Luckily, we’ve got three pretty good answers. 1. The Results: Many women may not realise that after having female sterilisation reversal that the results are actually … Read More

Tips On Recovering From Female Sterilisation Reversal

Making the choice to get female sterilisation reversal was the hard part, now you may be wondering how long it takes to recover from a sterilisation reversal surgery and what to expect.  First thing you need to do is plan to take between two weeks or up to a month off work, you will be active during most of this … Read More

Reasons To Consider A Female Sterilisation Reversal

If you are thinking of female sterilisation reversal, you are not alone. Did you know that at least 10 percent of all women that had a tubal ligation for permanent birth control subsequently regret their choice and want to undergo a reversal? Additionally, women that were under the age of 30 when they had a tubal sterilisation are twice as … Read More

Female Sterilisation Reversal Doesn’t Have to be Scary or Intimidating

As we go through life we sometimes change our minds. What we once thought is now a different viewpoint and this includes having a baby. Some women choose sterilisation but later decide they want a baby and this can be due to many reasons – a new marriage perhaps or just a simple change in lifestyle. While female sterilisation reversal is an … Read More

Female Sterilisation Reversal and Things to Consider?

Making the decision to get sterilised is not an easy one for most people to make: it is an invasive surgery that ultimately temporarily arrests a woman’s ability to reproduce. However, it sounds much more frightening than it actually is and contrary to the belief that it’s a permanent solution, it isn’t. Not unless the woman wants it to be. … Read More

Female Sterilisation Reversal Cost Is A Common Concern

Many women approach us here at The Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic with a common concern. They’ve dreamed of having a baby for a period of time, and they’re feeling nervous about the cost of having female sterilisation reversal. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. However, the good news is that not only is female sterilisation reversal surgery affordable, but … Read More