female sterilisation reversalSituations change all of the time and while you may have thought in the past that you did not want a baby, you may have changed your mind. However, if you had female sterilisation surgery, you might be under the impression that you have no options or that the success rates of falling pregnant after a female sterilisation reversal are low. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Mr Clive Pickles from The Female Sterilisation Reversal UK Clinic has a high success rate in women falling pregnant after having the female sterilisation reversal procedure. Of course there are many variables into how successful you are at falling pregnant such as your age, your reproductive health, and even the fertility of the male. However, Mr Clive Pickles has a high success rate.

For instance, in women under 30 years of age there is an 81% success rate at The Female Sterilisation Reversal UK Clinic. Even women over the age of 40, where it can be more difficult to fall pregnant, Mr Pickles has a 34% success rate, which is quite amazing.

It is easy to contact us and set up a consultation to learn more about what your options are. We will discuss what is involved in the procedure, ask you questions about your history, and can even set up the procedure to be done. We will also go over the costs and what happens after the procedure should you desire to go ahead and have it scheduled.

No matter what your past decisions, with the help of Mr Clive Pickles at The Female Sterilisation Reversal UK Clinic, you have options for success.



  1. Keeley Apr 25, 2015 at 09:49

    Hiya I was sterilised 6 year ago had the clips on and they nipped my Uturs and I want it reversed and wondering how much and wot r the success of gettin pregnant x


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