sterilization reversal costEveryone should have the freedom to change their mind and this includes when it comes time to have a baby. Some women feel that sterilisation reversal is right for them and this is an excellent alternative when trying to fall pregnant after sterilisation that was performed in the past. You may have questions about the cost and the procedure itself.

The operation is to join the fallopian tubes back together. This can be due to them being cut, clipped or tied during a sterilisation. The egg is unable to the fallopian tube from the ovary and with sterilisation reversal, it is quite possible to fall pregnant. In fact, while it does depend on varying factors, our success rate is quite impressive.

As far as the cost of the procedure, you can rest assured that the total price covers everything. You won’t have to worry about extra fees that others may charge. Some places may have you pay extra for the anaesthetist or follow up visits but here, everything is all-inclusive. This includes your consultation before the procedure, your care at the BMI Park Hospital, the surgeon’s costs, the anaesthetist care and cost, a follow up visit and even treatment needed for complications, if needed.

The total is £3995 and we also have the BMI Healthcare Payment Plan card which allows you to take advantage of financing your sterilisation reversal. You can apply online and know within 48 hours if you are approved.

The important thing to remember is that your care, comfort and ability to have a baby is our number one priority. If you’d like to call us about a consultation then simply contact us so we can help you with any other questions you may have about sterilisation reversal.