Reversal of Female Sterilization vs IVFIf you have had a tubal ligation and have changed your mind about having children, rest assured that you’re not the only one. There are a variety of reasons why a woman might decide she wants children after having a procedure to prevent it in the past. No matter what your reasons, we’re here to help. If you are wondering about reversal of female sterilization vs. IVF, here are some benefits of reversal that may help you make a decision.

  • Cost. The cost of IVF is significantly higher than having a reversal of female sterilization. IVF typically costs about £5000 but this is for one cycle. With IVF you may need multiple cycles and this may not include tests, consultations or medicine. The cost of reversal of sterilization with Mr Dobson Female Sterilization Reversal Clinic is £3,765 and you only need one procedure. Complications. With any procedure there can be complications. However, with IVF the complications can include depression, stress, ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, reactions to the medicines used, and risks of egg collection. With IVF being a multiple time procedure, the risk of complications is compounded.
  • Success Rate. The success rate of reversal of female sterilization is higher than with IVF. For instance, the success rate with a reversal is around 76% but with IVF, even at the optimum age group, the success rate is a mere 33%.

As you can see, the benefits of reversal of female sterilization outnumber the benefits of IVF in cost, risk of complications and success rates.

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