Reversal of Female Sterilization and Success FactorsIf you have decided to try to become pregnant after having a tubal ligation, it is comforting to know that the reversal of female sterilization is not only possible but quite successful. Obviously, there are a few success factors involved that can help you make a decision on whether to pursue a reversal of sterilization but many women may think it’s not possible to have a baby after sterilization when that is not true at all.

Here are a few of the success factors to be aware of:

  • Age. The age of the woman is an important factor because as we get older, it may be harder to become pregnant. However, this is true even for those that haven’t had a tubal ligation. The significant number in when the chances of falling pregnant start to decrease is 35 and this is due to the number of eggs produced. After 40, the chances continue to decrease. However, Mr Dobson can advise you on what may be best for your situation.
  • Fallopian Tubes Condition. There are a few situations that can affect the Fallopian tubes and decrease chances of conception. This can be due to an ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, pelvic infections, fibroids and more. Again, Mr Dobson will be able to advise you this if you fall under any of these past conditions.
  • Menstrual Cycle. This falls under the age scenario. As we age, the estrogen and progesterone produced in the ovaries is not as prevalent. The eggs are still released but after 40 there is more degeneration and less egg cells.
  • Male Fertility. It takes both of you to conceive a baby so for obvious reasons male fertility also plays a big part in the success factors. Genetic disorders, hormonal problems and other factors can decrease the chances of fertility via the male.

Although these factors are what may hinder becoming pregnant, the success rate is very high with The Female Sterilisation Clinic and of which Mr Dobson has a 76% success rate in women who had a baby.

If you want to learn more about your chances of having a baby after a female sterilization procedure, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.