Reversal Of Female SterilisationSterilisation is a form of contraception, and it is one of the most widespread and well-known methods. Sterilisation for females is one of the most common and widely used methods of birth control and family planning. One of the main reasons why female sterilisation is used worldwide is because of the effectiveness and efficiency of it. Many doctors and others look at female sterilisation to be permanent. However, sometimes a woman may feel differently after the procedure, and wants to reverse her decision.

She may have a change in her relationship status, she may be in a better situation financially, or she may have another reason. No matter what the reason is, reversal of female sterilisation is possible. If a woman has had her tubes tied, going through with the reversal procedure is not as frightening as you may think it is. With the number of people undergoing sterilisation procedures, there is going to be a reversal every now and then.

Wanting A New Family Or A New Addition?

Regardless of the female sterilisation that has been used, the reversal technique allows a woman to have precious children again. The rate at which a woman can get pregnant again depends on how long it has been since the sterilisation procedure. If a woman waits for at least 3 years (36 months), the rate will be much higher. The reversal procedure can take around an hour to be completed.

After the procedure, the expected hospital stay should be at least two or three days. It will not take a full month to recover; it will generally take a little under a month. A woman can generally resume sexual contact and sexual activities a few weeks after the operation. Some women choose to have sexual contact as soon as she begins to feel better. There has not been anything said or revealed that has determined a risk in having sexual contact before the typical waiting period.

When you come in for a reversal of female sterilisation procedure, you will have the confidence in knowing the procedure will result in success.

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