Female Sterilisation ReversalIf you are thinking of female sterilisation reversal, you are not alone. Did you know that at least 10 percent of all women that had a tubal ligation for permanent birth control subsequently regret their choice and want to undergo a reversal? Additionally, women that were under the age of 30 when they had a tubal sterilisation are twice as likely to want a reversal, even more likely if they are divorced and remarried. The majority of women seeking more information on female sterilisation reversal are between the ages of 25 and 46. These are the top seven reasons that families are interested in a tubal reversal.

Change in financial status

A large change in financial status can make a family want to add extra children to their family, particularly if the main reason for the sterilisation was due to finances. Many families decide to stop having children when they cannot comfortably afford more children, and if their income changes they may want to add to their family once again.

Desire for more children

Feelings change over the years, and as your children start to get older, you may realise that you want to add more children to your family. This happens especially in women that decided to get a tubal ligation at a young age before thinking over how they may feel years from then.

Change in marital status

Divorce and remarriage can mean big changes in your family including increasing the desire for more children. Many women want to have children with their new spouses and add to their family together.

Death of a child

The death of a child can deeply affect a family and after a few years, the family may decide they want a sterilisation reversal and have another child.

Change in religion

While some religions allow permanent forms of birth control, many do not. Therefore, if a woman decides to change her religion she may also decide to get a tubal ligation reversal and rely on natural methods of birth control.

Psychological changes

A woman that went through depression or a rough time in her life may have decided that sterilisation was the right choice for her in the past, and now knows that she wants to have more children. This can also come about if a spouse was going through a hard time, and they decided together that they were done having children and now realise that they want a larger family.

If you are thinking a female sterilisation reversal is right for your family, please contact us any time with any questions or concerns.