Ready To Talk To Someone About Reversal Of Female Sterilization?

reversal of femal sterilizationIf you’re a woman who once believed her child-bearing days were over, and now you’re wishing for another baby, you might be feeling like your hopes are in vain.  Perhaps you’ve given some thought to reversal of female sterilization, but you just don’t think that it could possibly work for you.  At the Female Sterilisation Reversal Clinic, we’ve helped many women realize their dreams of having another baby.  And actually, the success rates are much better than you might think.

Our surgeon, Mr Pickles has one of the best success rates of anyone performing this type of surgery.  Of all of the women who have had reversal of female sterilization with Mr Pickles, 76% of those women were able to get pregnant and give birth to beautiful babies.  That means that the chances for your success are very good.

At our clinic, we offer much more than a surgical solution to helping our patients get pregnant.  We understand that you have questions and concerns.  We know you might be worried about what happens after the surgery.  We want you to know that your comfort is a top priority for us. We want you to feel completely at ease, and we’ll be sure to answer all of your questions as you make this important decision to add to your family.

Making the decision to have female sterilization reversal surgery is a life-changing decision.  It’s our goal for all of our patients to be completely informed so that you know you’re making a good choice for you and your partner.

Many of your questions can be answered by looking through the informative pages on our website.  However, we’d love to talk to you further, to offer clarification as well as emotional support during this important time.

For more information, or to make your first consultation appointment, contact us today.

4 Comments on “Ready To Talk To Someone About Reversal Of Female Sterilization?”

  1. I was sterilised nine years ago following the c section birth of my daughter I am now 40 years old . I have had a round of ivf which sadly failed. But I would love another baby and I am desperate to have my reversal done and would like to know more information please contact me if you can help.

  2. I have been to my gp about reversal sterilization as I heard that it could be done on NHS as the nearest hospital don’t do it but got told other hospitals do on nhs. I got sterilized in 2009 due to being bullied into it my mum and I am really depressed since this has happen and I told the hospital that I wanted another baby but no one listen to me and I don’t know who to turn to now, just hope someone can point me right direction to help me please

  3. I have had 3 c sections and was sterilised 5 years ago I am now only 30 and I would like a another is reversal available on NHS for me

    1. Hi Eraina,

      I’m not sure. the best thing to do is to contact Mr Pickles’ secretary via the Contact page, and she will provide you with more information.

      Thank you!

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